A restaurant named La Cantinetta couldn`t not focus on one of the stars of Italian culture and cuisine: wine! I`m a wine lover, a passion inherited from my grandfather, with whom I used to spend the summer vacations in his vineyards and his small wine cellar (hence La Cantinetta) trying to steal the secrets of great wine making. 

Obviously we have a wide range of wines from Tuscany but you`ll find wines from most Italian regions. We also offer a daily selection of 3 reds and 3 whites by the glass.


営業時間 18:00~23:00 (月曜日~金曜日)



Opening hours

Lunch (4名様より予約にて承ります / ¥3,500〜)

Monday - Friday 18:00~23:00

Saturday 18:00~22:00

CLOSED ON SUNDAY & 2th monday of the month.

                         定休日  日曜日・第2月曜日