Ciao!私はイタリアトスカーナ州出身、ラ・カンティネッタ オーナーシェフのルカ・サンバーリです。




Welcome to “La cantinetta”!


My name is Luca Sambari and I hail from Florence, Italy.

I came to Japan in 2004 after several important experiences in restaurants in Italy and France. La Cantinetta was born in late 2006 and it`s located just off beautiful Utsubo Park in Honmachi, in the heart of Osaka. In my cozy restaurant (14 seats) we offer traditional Italian dishes adding my unique personal touch and passion. 









Our concept is to offer dishes in the real Italian tradition, respecting basic rules and flavors. We make an exception only to create dishes that are more easily digestible and to give space to our creativity. The fundamental rule is always to use the best available ingredients.


営業時間 18:00~23:00 (月曜日~金曜日)







CLOSED ON SUNDAY & 2th monday of the month.

                         定休日  日曜日・第2月曜日


Opening hours

Lunch (4名様より予約にて承ります / ¥3,500〜)

Monday - Friday 18:00~23:00

Saturday 18:00~22:00